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in New Zealand

1 locations within Wellington

Kapiti Coast District    

Direct Reports for Wellington in addition to the locations above

19 events with a total of 8541 reported participants

Date Map ID Participants Photos Host
 πŸŒ tcA-htnf 1 Photo Ms.
 πŸŒ tcA-htnf 4000 Photo Ms.
 πŸŒ tcA-htnf 1 Photo Ms.
 πŸŒ tcA-htnf 4 Photo Ms.
 πŸŒ tcA-htnf 8 Photo Ms.
 πŸŒ AmOffsE6 30 Fridays for Future Te Wha
 πŸŒ tcA-htnf 2 Photo Ms.
 πŸŒ tcA-htnf 3 Photo Ms.
 πŸŒ tcA-htnf 12 Photo Ms.
 πŸŒ tcA-htnf 11 Photo Ms.
 πŸŒ tcA-htnf 11 Photo Ms.
 πŸŒ tcA-htnf 30 Friday’s for Future New Z
 πŸŒ tcA-htnf 20
 πŸŒ tcA-htnf 4 11thHourForClimate
 πŸŒ tcA-htnf 100 FridaysforFuture
 πŸŒ tcA-htnf 4 350
 πŸŒ tcA-htnf 700
 πŸŒ tcA-htnf 1900 SS4C NZ
 πŸŒ tcA-htnf 1700 Ms.