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in Denmark


13 events with a total of 5624 reported participants

Date Map ID Participants Photos Host
 πŸŒ sy3--h9w ? ShoeStrike
 πŸŒ jeuSg1Sr 10 Photo Klimastrejke - FridaysFor
 πŸŒ VjUnr5Tx ? FFF Denmark
 πŸŒ jeuSg1Sr ?
 πŸŒ jeuSg1Sr 100 The Global Earth Healing
 πŸŒ jeuSg1Sr 2 I school strike for bette
 πŸŒ jeuSg1Sr 1
 πŸŒ jeuSg1Sr 2 350
 πŸŒ jeuSg1Sr ?
 πŸŒ jeuSg1Sr 5500
 πŸŒ jeuSg1Sr ? WWF, FFF and Greenpeace
 πŸŒ jeuSg1Sr ? 350 KlimabevΓ¦gelsen i Dan
 πŸŒ jeuSg1Sr 9